"Sierra Swan has the most pure voice I've ever heard." - Billy Corgan


“Beautiful, erotic, mesmerizing is everything that comes to mind when listening to Sierra Swan. Her voice will take you on an emotional journey.” – Linda Perry



Sierra Marie Swan was born in the San Fernando Valley with music in her blood. Her father Billy Swan had his first hit when he was sixteen with Lover Please. During Sierra’s many nights backstage while her father played rhythm guitar for Kris Kristofferson, she conjured up her own dreams of becoming a professional musician.​
As a teenager, Sierra listened to Prince, Queen, Oingo Boingo, The Beatles, Grant Lee Buffalo, Mozart and Patsy Cline. It was Patsy Cline who inspired her singing career. When she was 16 she began playing at L.A. coffeehouses.
In 1997 Sierra joined the alternative rock band Dollshead and was signed to MCA Records. Two years later Sierra decided to leave the band and become a solo artist signing with Atlantic Records. She went on to work with some illustrious producers including, Chad Hugo from The Neptunes, Howard Benson, Anne Preven and Scott Cutler. It was during the making of this record that she met Linda Perry. While they began to collaborate on material for her album she was let go from her contract with Atlantic. Linda decided to sign her to her label via Interscope, and Ladyland was released shortly there after. 
Typical of the music industry, she was let go from her contract with Interscope. Not to be deterred, Sierra decided to make it on her own producing and performing the beautiful and haunting EP entitled “Coward", followed 
by “Queen of the Valley,” Sierra’s 80’s pop homage to her Valley Girl roots. She then produced her third full length album ‘Girl Who Cried Wolf’, following a cover EP with her critically acclaimed father Billy Swan at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis.
Sierra has also toured and collaborated with the likes of The Smashing Pumpkins, William Patrick Corgan, Aimee Mann, Bill Bottrell, Dave Stewart, Linda Perry, Ringo Starr, and Frank Black.


Sierra Swan embodies the true spirit of a musical artist. She’s had major label deals and major label drops. Through it all Sierra doesn’t miss a beat.
In 2013 she began recording her most personal record yet with William Patrick Corgan sitting in the producers chair. 
In William's words “Sierra’s new songs are the best batch of material I have heard from any songwriter in forever.” The album named Good Soldier is available for download here.  This whimsically gorgeous album is a must have album. The outcome of Sierra Swan's Good Soldier is truly remarkable. There is simply nobody like her. 
Currently Swan is recording an EP in her basement in her Minneapolis home. There is also another project brewing but she is not quite sure what will become of it...yet.